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It is not merely an historical curiosity that Oxford University has no department of Physics, but rather a department of "Experimental Philosophy". The title betrays that there is a breadth and unity in the understanding of things and to a great extent that thought expresses the main emphasis of this site. There is a common thread running from the highest metaphysical insight, through mathematics and physics all the way to electronics, glassblowing and metal-working. This is the span of this site, although it contains the tiniest fraction of all that can be known and understood of God and the world.

Well, here is some of the electronics, glassblowing and metal working....

And here is a medley of things I can't easily categorise....

Of all the time and space occupied by the human race since the Stone Age, a vast proportion of it has been filled or at least, strongly influenced by the Judaeo-Christian story. From tiny beginnings to the dominant thought form of over 2 billion people in the world, Judaism and then Christianity have provided the most cogent and comprehensive understanding of reality available to human beings. The scope of this endeavour is immense and in the WorldofStPaul website (accessible by clicking on the thumbnail below), I try to give some glimpse of the range and power of Christian thought through quotes and notes on authors ancient and modern.

UK and world events around the close of the twentieth century

The accessible by clicking the thumbnail below traces events on a daily basis from 1995 to 2008 and attempts some analysis of them via keywords.

New Kindle Books by Ray Scott


We've just extended the range of Kindle Chromatography books by Ray Scott to include Ion Chromatography and the Plate Theory of Chromatography. These are very efficient ways of coming up to speed on both the theory and practice of Chromatography and will be very useful to the separation scientist, the analyst, and to laboratory staff and students alike. The Kindle format can be read or made readable, on a computer, on an iPad, on the Barnes & Noble Nook,or on the Amazon Kindle itself. The books are in colour where that can be displayed. So there are now 6 titles available with more coming soon:

"Ion Chromatography",
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"The Plate Theory of Chromatography",
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"Principles and Practice of Chromatography",
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"Gas Chromatography",
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"Liquid Chromatography",
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"Thin Layer Chromatography",
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all by R P W Scott

A New Book published in hardcopy by Kevin Scott

The Re-inherited Mind - Recovering the Judaeo-Christian Inheritance in Western Christendom


Kevin Scott's recent book argues that the Judaeo-Christian tradition contains many excellent insights into what we are as human beings, which we are in grave danger of forgetting, but which we can recall to our infinite advantage if we seek to do so. The book is filled with a high view of what a human being is and opens a vista of possibilities for man with God against the straitened condition of being without Him. "The Re-inherited Mind" deals with human dignity, liberty, endeavour, relationships, time and purpose using a secure understanding of how we know things, why we believe things, and how we remember them.

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